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Bird Poop Splatter 1.0

You will need:

  • Story Book "Life Is Not Fair When You Are Just A Chair"

  • Pom-poms

  • Make up sponges

  • Paint trays

  • Acrylic paint- white, cream, grey, black, brown

  • Butchers' Paper or large sheets of cardboard

  • Images of chairs (drawn or glued on)

  • Low Chair

  • Spoons

What to do

Step 1:

Set up the activity with acrylic paint in paint trays with various sized pom-poms near Butchers' Paper or cardboard on the ground. Have a low chair nearby. 


Step 2:

Read "Life Is Not Fair When You Are Just A Chair"- draw the children's attention to the illustration of the chair getting pooped on by birds. If the children have already experienced Bird Poop Splatter Painting 1.0, remind them of this experience and explain that this time you will be exploring painting in a different way.

Step 3:

Explain the process to the children and demonstrate, making sure to go over safety guidelines.


Step 4:

Encourage children to practice throwing pom-poms and make-up sponges standing on the ground

Step 5:

children to stand on chair and throw paint covered pom-poms onto paper, as well as standing on the ground


Step 6:

Discuss the shape and size of the “splats”- "Does the height you throw from make a difference?", "What shapes do the round pom-poms make when they splat on the paper?" "What shape do the make-up sponges make when they splat on the paper?"