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Chair Height Seriation

What is Seriation and why is it important?

Seriation is a mathematical concept that involves organising or ordering things in a logical way. It is important that children be exposed to these type of experiences as they lay the foundations for more complex maths concepts, such as placing numbers in the correct order (ordination), as well as developing higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving skills. These skills are developed as a child looks at the objects, analyses the information, and then works to solve the problem, such as ordering from the largest to the smallest or vice versa.

You will need:

  • Story Book "Life Is Not Fair When You Are Just A Chair"

  • Chair Sequencing Card printables

  • Chair Sequencing Table printable

  • Adhesive Velcro dots

What to do:

Step 1:

Read “Life Is Not Fair When You Are Just A Chair”- discuss the different types of chairs that are depicted, paying attention to the heights of the chair.

Step 2:

Show the children the Chair Cards, and explain that you will be ordering them from shortest to the tallest.


Step 3:

Show the children the table and talk about the numbers, asking children to identify the numbers. Explain that they will be putting pictures of the chairs from the stories in order from shortest to tallest, with the shortest chair going in the first box with the number 1, and the tallest chair going in the last box with the number 4.


Step 4:

Show the children 2 cards side by side- ask “Which is shorter?” Place the shorter card to the left and the taller card to the right.


Step 5:

Continue asking the children to compare the cards until the cards are in a line, ordered from shortest to tallest.


Step 6:

Place the cards in the boxes of the printable table ordered from 1 to 4.


Step 7 (Extension):

Give each child their own set of cards and table children to experiment and explore on their own (or provide the set used for the group as a ‘free play’ experience for children to explore at will).

For younger children, you may want to do numbers 1-3 to make the process more simple.

Chair Height Seriation Printables