Life Is Not Fair When You Are Just a Chair

Young children love to move. They have energy to burn, and love all sorts of physical experiences that allow them to explore and refine their skills and try new things. Games like "Musical Chairs" provide children with safe spaces to practice their skills, while also exploring tempo, rhythm and movement.

Many children around the world are living lives of poverty, ill-health and exposure to war. This activity builds gratitude and empathy as it encourages children to think about the ways their lives are blessed while also thinking of ways that we can help those who are less fortunate than us.

This game helps children to train their visual memory, improve their ability to find similarities and differences, store, organise and retrieve information, as well as provide an opportunity to master a skill and, through repetition, demonstrate a mastery of that skill.

A classic game to that provides opportunities to build observation skills, sportsmanship, and resilience.

In her article on the NAEYC website, Deanna Pecaski McLennan writes: "Young children need to see themselves as capable mathematicians. Child-guided and child-focused explorations and teacher-guided math activities help children practice and consolidate their learning...

Seriation is a mathematical concept that involves organising or ordering things in a logical way. It is important that children be exposed to these type of experiences as they lay the foundations for more complex maths concepts...

Children are naturally curious about the world and love to learn through play. They love to experiment, build or collect, and discover new things, and so it is important that we encourage these skills through the experiences we provide. 

A fun and messy "Process Art" experience

Process Art exploring gravity, cause and effect. So much fun.

A sensory play activity that also work on hand-eye co-ordination and fine-motor control

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