Storytime Lane Public Library Visits

Would you like to have Aunty Em and Graham Davidson perform at your library? Read on to find out how!

At Storytime Lane, we believe all children should be given the best start in life.

Our mission is to help children everywhere develop a love of reading and storytelling, for this is the cornerstone of literacy learning and development.



Our Author and Illustrator visits are designed to do just that. Click here  for the downloadable version.


Visit Schedule

A typical Storytime Lane visit will include:

  • A musical performance by ‘Aunty Em’ with her ukulele, singing requests from the audience, as well a little bit of “magic”

  • A discussion about what it means to be an “Author” and an “Illustrator”

  • An interactive book reading of “Life Is Not Fair When You Are Just a Chair” where the audience is encouraged to provide the sound effects for different parts of the story

  • An interactive illustration exercise where the children point out the pictures that Graham got “wrong” and assist in fixing these by suggesting gross foods and demonstrating different emotions with their faces to draw.

  • An interactive book reading of “Betty the Yeti’s Disappointing Day” where the audience provides different types of movement to represent the different characters in the story, while Graham draws a picture of “Betty the Yeti” (demonstrating the illustrating process).

  • An interactive “Challenge the Illustrator” exercise where the audience suggests tricky things for Graham to draw, and he has to attempt to draw them.

  • Guide children through a craft activity (craft activity negotiable and supplied by library/preschool)


Group size: 30 children or less if a craft activity is to be conducted. If no craft activity, as many as can fit the space.

Time: 45 minute performance, craft activity to follow based on amount of time available

Age: 3-8 year olds

Space requirements: Aunty Em moves around quite a bit in the performance, and Graham needs space for his easel and drawing equipment. About 2 metres by 4 metres is needed for “performance space”.


Cost: $300 per session (ASA rates) but this is negotiable. Extra travel costs apply to areas outside of Newcastle.

Book sales:

Where possible, we like to sell signed copies of our books at the end of our visits. We have discounted prices for all our books when we sell them direct to the public at live performances.
Hardcover Picture Books:             $20  (RRP $25)

Paperback Picture Books:             $12.50 (RRP $16.50)

Junior Novels:                                  $10.50 (RRP $12.50)

Middle Grade:                                 $12.50 (RRP $16.50)