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We were on the radio! ABC 1233 Radio Interview with Paul Bevan

After the success of the launch, and our appearance on NBN News, we were very excited about all of the interest in Storytime Lane. We wondered "How lucky are we?" and "I wonder what other amazing things are going to happen for us?" Well, this soon was answered when we were given an interview on ABC 1233 Radio with Paul Bevan!

Now, Graham (being the advertising and media industry professional that he is with all of his experience) was very excited about this, as he had been on radio before. Emily, however, was a radio Newbie, and thus had all the jitters and shakes of a flea who had swum in espresso. After apologising to every single person who's unfortunate hand she shook (cold and clammy makes such a great impression), Emily was on the verge of hyperventilating. Luckily, Graham was a steadying influence who remained grounded and seemingly at ease (could this have all been an act??? Possibly. Only Graham can know for sure).

In an amazing act of synchronicity, the person being interviewed prior to Storytime Lane was the one and only Morris Gleitzman- children's author and young adult fiction writer, and the new Children's Laureate! Emily and Graham were both surprised, pleased, and then somewhat concerned about how they were going to follow such an amazing speaker and individual. Luckily for them, Paul Bevan is a champion and amazing at making people feel comfortable.

When the interview rolled around, Paul Bevan immediately made Emily and Graham feel at home with his enthusiasm and energy. He was so incredibly supportive and encouraging of "Betty the Yeti's Disappointing Day", and the Storytime Lane project, that it made it seem like a chat with a good friend rather than a terrifying and utterly gut-wrenching interrogation (which Emily had imagined and feared, mainly because she loves to be dramatic and create anxiety for herself in situations that probably don't really need it).

And just like that, the interview was over. Although there was one more special moment that Emily and Graham really enjoyed, and that was when Paul Bevan came out during the break and asked them to sign a copy of "Betty" for his grandson. What a coup!

if you'd like to listen to the interview, you can find it here, courtesy of ABC 1233 Radio Newcastle.

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