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Graham Davidson- Writing NSW Kids and YA Festival Panellist!

On Saturday the 30th of June 2018, Storytime Lane's very own Graham Davidson was front and centre (well front and to the right) of a panel at the Writing NSW Kids and YA Festival. Graham held his own as he discussed differing paths to publication and the use multimedia in storytelling, in a festival filled with esteemed notables from the children's writing world, including Jacqueline Harvey (of Alice-Miranda fame), Garth Nix (Frogkisser) and R. A. Spratt (Nanny Piggins).

Graham joined Anne Donnelly and Jacqueline de Rose-Ahern in a panel hosted by Katrina Roe, giving much insight and information about how to get published in non-traditional ways. The panelists agreed that getting published by "traditional" publishers can be a "glacial" process, and Anne made the comment that after a cancer-scare, she realised that she only has so much time on this earth and that if she wanted to achieve her dream of having a book published and getting it out there in the world, she would have to make it happen. Graham spoke about how Storytime Lane uses a multi-media platform with teaching resources, storytelling videos with Auslan, and picture books to create a worthwhile resource that educators and families would want to utilise, and thus drive the interest in the books themselves.

The panellists also discussed how following a non-traditional publishing path had opened up a lot of opportunities that would not have been available to them before, such as sitting on the panel that they were on at that moment, and going to schools and libraries and sharing their work.

Because Graham was a festival panellist, it mean that 'Betty the Yeti's Disappointing Day', 'Life is Not Fair When You Are Just a Chair', 'Sellamae's Wrath' and 'Rise of the Shadow People' got to sit side-by-side with the books of 'big time' authors in the bookshop! What a coup for Storytime Lane. Well done, Graham!

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