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Storytime Lane goes to Tuggerah Library!

The past 7 months have been a whirlwind of new experiences for Aunty Em and Graham Davidson. From the official launch of Storytime Lane and "Betty the Yeti", to being interviewed on TV and Radio, to storytelling sessions at Harry Hartogs Green Hills and the Starlight Room, as well as appearing at the Newcastle Writers Festival (not to mention Graham's participation in a panel at the NSW Writing Kids and YA Festival), we have certainly been stepping outside of our normal, everyday routines. In fact, I would go so far to say that we have been thrown head first into an ocean of adrenaline-generating, sweaty-palm inducing, exciting-yet-terrifying firsts as author and author/illustrator (The latter obviously refers to Graham- not me. My illustrations leave much to be desired).

Today was another first for us. Our first official library visit. Tuggerah Library on the NSW Central Coast to be exact. People had to book and everything (fancy, right?). I will admit, there was a small part of me that was freaking out that nobody would book/come (because self-doubt is a struggle for all authors and performers... am I right?). Much to my excitement and amazement, we were actually booked out (Yay! I can't even tell you the sense of relief I felt with this. Such joy and delight, this was, of course, also mixed with the trepidation of having to perform a stellar show so as not to disappoint all of the wonderful children and families who came to share our stories with us).

Our performance began with some AMAZING musical performances by Aunty Em, all requested by members of the audience. Aunty Em wowed the crowd with her renditions of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- the rock and roll version", and operatic version of "Humpty Dumpty", and a very athletic performance of "Thunder" by Imagine Dragons. Even the grown ups were impressed.


After an amazing musical performance that got the crowd pumped, Aunty Em, with the assistance of a very brave audience member, then performed a magic act. It was so magical that even the biggest kids didn't know how it was done. Just look at Graham in the photo below. He's got no idea how Aunty Em is so magical (he's not alone).

It was then time for the stories. The children helped to provide sound effects for "Life Is Not Fair When You Are Just A Chair", although we discovered that Graham had messed up the enlarged pictures. The audience helped Graham to fix these mistakes by showing him what different facial expressions looked like, while also providing suggestions for food that they think is disgusting.

The children helped to act out "Betty the Yeti's Disappointing Day", and and did an amazing job at recalling key parts of the story when Aunty Em did a "Surprise Quiz" at the end.

Then, of course, there were the awesome craft experiences that the children got to engage in. Such a hive of creativity, while Aunty Em and Graham signed books and posed for photos with many of the attendees of the day.

All in all, the visit was a wonderful success. We hope to be able to get out and about and share our stories with many more children and families in the years to come!

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