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Storytime Lane's Regional Library Tour

On Tuesday the 9th of October, Aunty Em and Graham Davidson took the Storytime Lane on tour to Scone and Armidale libraries. It was an early start, but one that was filled with excitement (and a little bit of nervousness as both Aunty Em and Graham are time-conscious worry-warts who hate to be late). They arrived at Scone, the first stop of the tour early (much to their delight and relief) where they met Elizabeth, the head librarian, and Sharyn, the children's librarian, who were both very warm and welcoming. After a bit of setting up, it was time to perform!

It was a lovey turn-out, with mums and bubs, grandparents with their grandchildren, and families coming along for the performance. Although some of the older children were initially a little hesitant to join in (because, let's face it, storytime is for little kids.... or is it), they were soon drawn in with the magic, music and ridiculousness of Graham and Aunty Em and they wound up laughing and smiling and having as much fun as the younger ones. Even the grown ups were laughing!

After the performance, there was a bit of craft, and we witnessed some very creative individuals who proudly showed their work to Aunty Em and Graham. They also posed for photos, and Aunty Em and Graham signed books for their new friends.

Following a smashing first visit, Aunty Em and Graham packed their bags, fare-welled their new friends, and headed off to Armidale. After several hours of driving, and more than a few chippies and lolly snakes, they arrived. They were warmly welcomed by Jennifer, the children's librarian, who helped to set up for the performance and made a really good cuppa for Graham.

The word must have got out around Armidale, because there were a lot of children and their families who came along to the performance! It was lovely to have so many people make time to come and see the show. The children of Armidale were very confident in answering questions, putting their ideas forward, and participating in a bit of magic (and Aunty Em even traumatised the grown ups by asking them questions too, all in the name of fun).

Following the music, magic, illustrations and stories, it was Craft Time. Holy Moly, was that a busy and productive time. Over 50 children were seated at tables or found space on the floor, where they collaged, coloured, sculpted and created, making the most fantastic pieces of art that they proudly shared with Aunty Em. More photos were taken (even parents wanted selfies!) amidst the flurry of artistic expression.

Then it was time to set off for home. After a 4 hour car trip (which included a dramatic light show in the form of an electrical storm), Aunty Em and Graham made it back to Newcastle safe and sound (and more than a little tired).

It was so wonderful to be able to share our books and make new friends in these beautiful communities. Hopefully we will see you again...

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