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Storytelling Pathway

What is a Storytelling Pathway?

This idea was inspired by It provides the children with the opportunity to physically “walk” through the story, using visual prompts as clues in the retelling. This experience is great as it stimulates memory recall of the story, encourages expressive language skills, as well as sequencing of events.

You will need:

  • Large length of paper (eg Butchers’ Paper)

  • Markers/Textas/Pencils

  • Betty the Yeti's Disappointing Day Story Book

What to do:


Step 1

Read through the story with the children and explain that you will be creating a Story Path after, so it’s important they listen and try to remember.


Step 2

Roll out the paper and draw the pathway down the centre of the paper (it can be a bit winding for visual interest).


Step 3

Encourage the children to recall the sequence of events, and draw pictures depicting the main parts of the story.


Step 4

Encourage the children to colour the pictures and add any details that they think are missing and important.


Step 5

Walk the story. Encourage the children to take turns walking down the path, retelling the story in their own words as they walk. The children may need a model of this, so perhaps the adult could demonstrate what this might look like first so the children have model to work off.