Importance of Puzzles

Puzzles are excellent resources for encouraging the development of a number of skills. These include fine-motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination, thinking and problem-solving skills, patience and persistence, observation and planning skills, goal-setting, and visual-spatial awareness. They are also a great way to increase self-esteem as children persist and experience a sense of achievement and pride within themselves when they reach their end goal.


You will need:

Zombie printables

Wooden blocks of the same size and shape.


Tape (or glue depending on how permanent you want this resource to be)






What to do:


Step 1:

Arrange the blocks so they form a rectangle and print off an image of the zombie that will fit the rectangle you have made.


Step 2:

Measure and mark on the back of the zombie image a grid that matches the blocks. This will provide you with a guide of where to cut with the scissors.


Step 3:

Using the scissors, cut the image along the grid so the pieces will fit the blocks.


Step 4:

Arrange the paper pieces on the blocks to see if they fit.


Step 5:

Glue or tape the paper puzzle pieces to the blocks.



To make this puzzle a little more challenging, you could add an image of a different zombie to the opposite side of the blocks.

You could use more or less blocks for different levels of complexity. Eg 3 blocks for one zombie or 10 blocks for one zombie.

Zombie Block Puzzles