Self-expression through art

Art is about self-expression, it’s about experimenting with imagination and creativity. Children love art because it provides them with a sense of fun, challenge, and mastery, as they engage in sensory learning experiences at their own rate. It provides children with a sense of agency, a freedom in choice, thought and feeling. Collage is an excellent way to develop the following skills:

  •  Fine-motor skills such as gluing, sticking, taping, stapling, cutting, tearing

  • Experimentation- exploring different resources, and finding ways to make them “fit” or “stick together”

  • Social skills such as sharing and turn-taking with materials and tools

  • Thinking skills that involve design, pattern-making, dimension and composition

  • Concentration and problem-solving.

  • The ability to be an independent thinker


You will need:

A blank piece of A4 or A3 paper and/or a printed version of a zombie for the child to ‘dress’ (provide the children with choice in either drawing their own zombie or using the pre-drawn zombie)

Fabric Scraps





Paper scraps

Aluminium foil

PVA glue/Modge Podge

Glue sticks




Non-toxic acrylic paint

Paint brushes





What to do:

Step 1:

Set up a table with all of the materials in an aesthetically pleasing, and easy to access manner.


Step 2:

Read the Story ‘Zombies Are People Too’ and draw the children’s attention to the clothing. Explain that they will have the opportunity to create their own zombie clothes.


Step 3:

Show the children the printed image of the zombie and inform them that they can draw their own zombie and design clothes for it, or use the printed zombie provided.


Step 4:

Let the children create! As the children create their clothing, ask open-ended questions to engage their thinking such as

“Tell me about what you are doing there? Why are you doing that?”

“Why did you decide to ……?”

“Show me how you…?”

“Is there another way you could…?”


Also make comments and observations that show your interest in their work, such as:

“I see that you’re using the material for the shirt, why did you choose that?”

“I noticed that you’ve used ribbons for sleeves.”

“Oh, so you are using the foil for a helmet.”

Zombie Clothes Designer