Circle Game Fun

This is a circle game, similar “Doggy, Doggy, Where’s Your Bone?” but rather than a bone being taken, the zombie’s arm has gone missing. The chant goes as follows:

Zombie, Zombie, where’s your arm?

Someone took it, but stay calm.

Get up, Zombie, find it now.


You will need:

An object to represent an arm- such as a stick, a wooden block, or perhaps you can get creative and sew a glove onto a shirt sleeve, and fill it with wadding.


Blindfold (optional)






What to do:


Step 1:

Explain the rules of the game to the children (and perhaps perform a demonstration of how it is played)


Step 2:

Choose a child to be the Zombie, and have them lay down and close their eyes (or blindfold them).


Step 3:

Choose a child to “steal” the “arm” and hide it somewhere in the room.


Step 4:


Zombie, zombie, where’s your arm?

Someone took it, but stay calm.

Get up zombie, find it now!”


Step 5:

The child who is the ‘zombie’ gets up (remove blindfold) and starts to look for the missing arm. The children can help the zombie by saying ‘Warmer’ when the zombie is getting closer to finding the arm, or ‘Colder’ when they are moving further away.


Step 6:

When the zombie finds their arm, they return to the group and sit down, and the child who ‘stole’ it becomes the zombie.


Step 7:

Repeat until all children have had a turn of being a ‘thief’ and a ‘zombie’.

"Zombie, Zombie, Where's your arm?"

Circle Game